PASSPORT WEB TO HOST Web Based Terminal Emulator

Is PASSPORT Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server compliant?

PASSPORT is ideal for use on Windows 2003 server or with Windows XP desktops. The 32-bit ActiveX solution was designed specifically for Windows and Internet Explorer, which makes the C++ application extremely fast and completely Windows compliant in terms of using Cut, Copy, Paste, Windows short-cut keys, the full PC keyboard, etc. Zephyr took this development strategy since the overwhelming majority of terminal emulation runs on a Windows platform.
How does PASSPORT WEB TO HOST differ from IBM Host on Demand?

From an architectural and feature perspective, two web to host terminal emulation products lead the market: PASSPORT WEB TO HOST from Zephyr and Host on Demand (HOD) from IBM®. Both solutions include an extensive list of features normally found only in desktop-based emulation. Yet the two solutions are very different.

PASSPORT WEB TO HOST was designed specifically for Windows. Thus, companies that use Windows XP and 2000 as their primary desktop platform will find the 32-bit architecture of PASSPORT to be significantly faster and more usable than the 8-bit interpretive Java™ design of HOD. In fact, experts claim that a C++ application like PASSPORT can be up to 70% faster than a Java™-based solution. Further, in choosing the 32-bit software for host access, users can continue to use Windows functions like Cut, Copy and Paste. They can also have use of the full PC keyboard, just as they had with desktop emulation.

Users will also find the 3270, 5250, VT100/VT220 and SCO ANSI host session merged with the framework of the Internet Explorer browser. In providing this tight integration, PASSPORT offers advanced session management that assists the user in viewing other HTML pages. For example, if you elect to launch another browser window, PASSPORT first gives you the option of automatically opening another browser window or terminating the host session before viewing another HTML page. The same is true when you choose to close a browser session – PASSPORT first prompts you to make sure you want to terminate the host session.

For developers, new and existing Visual Basic and C HLLAPI applications and macros can be deployed and used just as they were with desktop emulation. Most 32-bit Visual Basic HLLAPI applications can be used as-is, including Attachmate® HLLAPI applications. Older 16-bit HLLAPI applications developed for IBM® PC/3270 can also be used with PASSPORT. For new application development, Zephyr offers a HLLAPI toolkit, a time-saving development tool designed to assist application programmers in the development of host/client applications in Visual Basic or C++.

Since lower TCO is one of the top reasons to switch to a WEB TO HOST terminal emulator, network administrators have the most to gain by migrating to a solution like PASSPORT WEB TO HOST. The server-based code is easy to install, easy to configure and offers a reliable and secure method of centralizing the administration of host access for your enterprise. Text-based session profiles, enterprise, group and local macros, enterprise, group and local HLLAPI Порно фильмы application support, the ability to create and lock standard configurations and more, will help lower your cost of host access ownership by at least 25%. The Zephyr subscription licensing can yield even further savings. And since most organizations license PASSPORT as their standard for enterprise host access, you can consolidate the use of multiple emulators to a single host access solution.
How can Attachmate EXTRA!® users be easily converted to PASSPORT?

To ease the transition from Attachmate EXTRA! to PASSPORT, Zephyr has also created an Attachmate Macro Conversion Tool that automatically converts the proprietary Attachmate macros, developed using EXTRA! Objects, into standard Visual Basic (for use with PASSPORT). Hundreds of Attachmate macros can now be collected, converted and delivered to Zephyr clients in a manner of days.

The Attachmate EXTRA! Macro Conversion Tool is not sold, but is offered as a free service for Zephyr clients under an annual Subscription License Agreement (SLA).

Zephyr is also pleased to announce the PASSPORT Object Toolkit, a time-saving development tool designed to help application and web programmers transition applications written for Attachmate® EXTRA!® Personal Client to PASSPORT terminal emulation software. Since the PASSPORT object interface is compatible with the Attachmate EXTRA! ® OLE automation support interface, your Attachmate application can be easily re-linked and used with PASSPORT. Learn more about the PASSPORT Object Toolkit
What is the difference between PASSPORT PC TO HOST and WEB TO HOST?

PASSPORT PC TO HOST provides 3270, 5250, VT100/VT220 and SCO ANSI host access, as well as FTP file transfer, and is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, NT, 98 and 95. Though PASSPORT PC TO HOST is feature rich, the host access suite has a small 8MB footprint.

PASSPORT WEB TO HOST provides the same 3270 5250, VT100/VT220, and SCO ANSI terminal emulation found in the PC TO HOST product but is deployed from a web server instead of installed on each desktop PC. Server-based deployment of host access can significantly lower TCO. Further, the web-based solution can be used to integrate host access through an organizational portal.
What are the advantages of PASSPORT WEB TO HOST?

The primary advantages of using a web-based terminal emulator for host access over a desktop-based thick client are portal integration (the ability to launch host sessions from a corporate or organizational intranet), centralized administration, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). With centralized administration, all configuration and management of the application is done on the web server. There is no need to install and configure the client software on each client PC. When a new release of the software becomes available, only the web server needs to be upgraded. The new software will be detected and automatically downloaded to the client PC, eliminating the need to manually install an update on each desktop. This model can render significant savings for network administrators and is especially helpful if you have lots of remote users. Experts estimate that a 25% savings can be realized for host access simply by migrating to this model.

PASSPORT WEB TO HOST is an ActiveX component that performs 3270, 5250, VT100/VT220 and SCO ANSI terminal emulation within a web browser. It also includes FTP file transfer. The PASSPORT session is launched from the PASSPORT web site. The URL http://Yourwebsite/pec/ is the default URL used to launch an PASSPORT session. The user is prompted for their user name with an option to choose a button to launch a host session directly. Based on the user name, a list of available sessions will appear. The session name is actually the name of an HTML file used to launch the session. When the session is launched, an ActiveX component is downloaded to the end user’s PC from the web server. The ActiveX component is only downloaded the first time a session is launched, or whenever the server version of the ActiveX component changes to a later version. Once downloaded, the user simply accesses the host by launching a browser session that connects directly to the host.
What is the PASSPORT WEB TO HOST administrator?

The PASSPORT WEB TO HOST Administrator consists of three parts: the Administrator web site, the Administrator Configuration Program and the PASSPORT web site The Administrator web site contains information on setup, QuickStart, configuration, deployment, support, help and also starts the Administrator Configuration Program. The Administrator Configuration Program, which looks and feels like Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer and the Microsoft® BackOffice product family, is used to configure session profiles, users and groups, keyboard layouts and attribute settings. The PASSPORT web site is what the end user views in their web browser before establishing a session with the host. For a more detailed discussion refer to the PASSPORT WEB TO HOST Administrator Setup and General Information.
Quicktrial or Download Options

There are two ways to evaluate the PASSPORT WEB TO HOST terminal emulator: either download a copy of the software or do a QuickTrial of the application. With QuickTrial, there is no server installation, you simply download the client and run the application from our web server. This is a fast and easy way to look at the PASSPORT software. For those that want to install the software on their own web server, you can download the fully functional 3270, 5250, SCO ANSI and VT100/VT220 emulator trial and complete a full evaluation.

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Running PASSPORT Terminal Emulation on a Tablet PC

The PASSPORT PC TO HOST and PASSPORT WEB TO HOST terminal emulation software, which provides access to IBM zSeries (3270), IBM iSeries (5250) and UNIX® (Telnet) host systems, can now be used on a tablet PC. By incorporating TN3270, TN5250, VT100, VT220 and SCO ANSI host connectivity through a tablet PC, organizations gain a valuable resource for today’s work environment, one that helps significantly increase overall productivity and efficiency.

There are economic and technical benefits to running PASSPORT on this platform. Instead of using a keyboard to perform data input to host applications, a digital pen can be used.

Increased Productivity – If a physician can reduce the time spent on each patient by directly entering notes and comments on the patient’s medical record through the tablet PC, they can see more patients and increase the time spent with each patient, improving service and lowering healthcare costs.

Greater Efficiency – By using a tablet PC and a digital camera, an insurance claim adjuster can take a picture of a damaged car and instantly transfer the images to the tablet PC using a USB connection. The adjuster’s handwritten notes can be stored on a tablet PC avoiding re-entry of the same information from a notepad or desktop PC before ultimately transferring the information into a central database. In doing so, the chances of forgetting important information or making a transcription error are eliminated.

Enhanced Portability – Construction sites, retail aisles and hospital examination rooms are among the difficult, if not impractical, places to take or use a notepad or desktop workstation. With a tablet PC, you have the freedom to use the device in locations otherwise off limits to traditional PC equipment.

Increase ROI and Lower TCO – Collectively, the increased productivity, greater efficiency and enhanced portability reach the bottom line. As organizations seek to increase their return on investment and lower their total cost of ownership, using PASSPORT on a tablet PC can be a wise choice for specific industries and market segments that rely on host applications for key business processes.


With PASSPORT running on a tablet PC with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, you get all of the same features and capabilities as running on a desktop or laptop PC with Windows XP Professional. But there are advantages of using the tablet PC over the desktop, including:

Control your tablet PC using a digital pen
Create and save handwritten documents (text and drawings) on your tablet PC
Save, search, and review your handwritten documents
Convert your handwritten notes into typed text for use in other applications
Annotate documents imported from other applications

Zephyr has featured PASSPORT running on a Motion 1300 tablet PC from Motion Computing, a product typical of those found in this market. However, PASSPORT will support other tablet PCs as well.

If your organization could benefit from reaching mission critical host applications from a tablet PC, PASSPORT PC TO HOST or PASSPORT WEB TO HOST should be considered as a valuable tool in optimizing your organization’s work environment.
About Motion Computing

A tablet PC market leader – combines world-class innovation and industry experience, enabling people to use computers in new ways and places. Marketed directly through its web site and an experienced international reseller network, each Motion product is built to customer specifications. The company’s M1200 and M1300 Tablet PCs and accessories are designed for users who need a combination of true mobility, power and versatility. For more information:

PASSPORT WEB TO HOST Terminal Emulator Data Sheet

3270, 5250, VT100/VT220 and SCO ANSI Web Based Terminal Emulator

PASSPORT WEB TO HOST is a powerful, browser-based multi-host access solution that can be deployed and managed from a standard web server. Designed for Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer, PASSPORT integrates TN3270, TN5250, VT100, VT220 and SCO ANSI terminal emulation within the framework of Internet Explorer and is commonly used to launch host sessions from intranet and extranet portals. With its centralized administration, the program can also lower the total cost of ownership by 25% by simplifying network administration.
Major Features

Provides access to IBM mainframe, AS/400 and Unix host applications from Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer
Includes TN3270, TN3270E, TN5250, TN5250E, VT100, VT220 and SCO ANSI clients
FTP file transfer client
Up to 26 host sessions per PC
Host printing through TN3270E or TN5250E client
Ability to use Windows IIS, OS/390 WebSphere, Apache Tomcat, BEA Weblogic and other web servers
IND$FILE file transfer to IBM mainframes
SLP (Service Location Protocol) load balancing
Hot back up for connection to alternate IP host names
HLLAPI interface available for third party applications (16-bit and 32-bit)
HLLAPI, Macro and Object APIs available for new host integration
Object Oriented API compatible with Attachmate EXTRA!® Objects API
Macro run, record, and edit to automate routine functions (Visual Basic Script interface)
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security (optional for IBM mainframe and AS/400 access)
Tablet PC compatibility
European Currency symbol support

General Features

Ability to Open, Save and Create new session profiles
Ability to save layouts of multiple sessions
Ability to lock and secure session profiles with password
Use of full screen for host display
Extended attributes provide 7 color display, underline, reverse video
APL character set for display
Visual Basic Script language compatibility for macros
Fully customizable toolbar for easy access to common emulator functions
Configurable window title
Font size automatically adjusts to Window size
Fast bit-mapped terminal fonts and Windows True Type fonts
Large font size display with vertical and horizontal scroll
Colors can be modified for base and extended colors, OIA line, and screen background
Color schemes for screen display
Cut, copy, copy append, paste and paste continue text
Block, stream and field modes for paste text
Hotspots and Hotspot customization
Mouse button customization
Toolbar customization
Button Bar customization
Underline and Block cursor
Cursor blink (block or underline)
Cursor ruler (cross hair guide)
Cursor toggle during Insert mode
Host connection time-out parameter
Dynamic screen size configuration
Diagnostic trace facility
Numeric field checking
VT scroll back buffer
VT text color support
VT double height and double width characters
VT scrolling speed is configurable


TN3270/TN3270E Terminal Emulator
TN5250/TN5250E Terminal Emulator
VT220, VT100, VT52 Terminal Emulator
SCO ANSI Terminal Emulator
FTP File Transfer Client
Macro Scripting Language
Client Side Host Integration APIs

Host Systems

IBM zSeries (S/390) mainframe
IBM iSeries (AS/400) midrange system
UNIX host systems

System Requirements – Server

Any one of the following web server platforms:

Microsoft Windows 2003 Server with IIS and JVM
Microsoft Windows NT or 2000 Server with IIS and JVM
IBM WebSphere Application Server
BEA WebLogic Application Server
Apache HTTP Server with Tomcat
Tomcat Sevlet Engine (Standalone)
Any Generic Java Application Server

System Requirements – Client

Windows XP, 2000, NT4, 98 or 95 Desktop or Tablet PC
Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher
Minimum of 16 MB memory, 8 MB disk space
Windows Sockets version 1.1 or higher
TCP/IP connection to TN3270, TN5250 or Telnet server

Deployment Options

ActiveX download from web server
Client install

Administrator Features

Remote administration and configuration
All emulator features can be configured
Ability to enable/disable individual client menu commands
Ability to configure startup macros
Ability to import SSL certificates
Session usage log
Audit log of the application configuration performed by the administrator
Users and Groups

Terminals Emulated

IBM 3278, 3279 models 2, 3, 4 and 5
IBM 3472G, 3192G, 3179G model 2 and 3 (APA graphics)
IBM 3279 S3G model 2 and 3 (PS graphics)
IBM 5250 model 2 and 5
IBM 3179-2 model 2
IBM 3477-FC model 5
VT220, VT100, VT52

Host Printers Emulated

IBM 3287 LU 1 and LU3 mainframe printers
IBM 3812 LU 1 AS/400 printer

Connection Features

Auto Reconnect
Telnet Device Type Override
Dynamic screen size configuration
Support for connection to generic, dedicated, pooled, and associated LUs
Full support for NVT, SSCP-LU, and LU-LU sessions
Hot back up for connection to alternate IP host names
Host connection time-out parameter
TN3270E Responses enable/disable feature
TN3270 Non-SNA Command Chaining
Keep Alive Feature
Startup macro


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security (optional for IBM mainframe and AS/400 access)
U.S. Dept of Commerce approved for export of strong encryption
Self Signed Certificates
Configuration for expired, not yet valid and invalid certificates
Configuration for action to take if certificate not accepted

Session Profile Features

Ability to open, save and create new session profiles
Ability to save layouts of multiple sessions as desktop icons
Ability to lock and secure session profiles with password
Ability to enable/disable individual menu bar commands
Ability to tile and cascade active sessions
Up to 26 host sessions per PC

Display Session Features

Print Screen
Host screens can be printed to local or LAN attached printers
Host screens can be printed to a disk file Page margins can be set
Optional header line can be configured to print at top of each page
Page printed after a specific number of print screens
Cut, Copy, Copy Append, Copy Graph, Paste, Paste Continue
Paragraph format copy mode for word processing
Tabular format copy mode for spreadsheets
Block, stream and field modes for pasting text
Text selection viewed as dotted rectangle or reverse video
Cut text can be replaced with either nulls or spaces


Multiple color schemes can be created and saved
Colors can be selected from the Windows color palette
Colors can be modified for base and extended colors, OIA line, and screen background
Extended attributes provide 7 color display, underline, reverse video


Underline or block cursor
Cursor blinking on or off
Cursor ruler guide can be a full cross hair, vertical only or horizontal only
Cursor toggle during Insert mode
Cursor position can be shown on OIA line or Windows status bar

Fonts and Screen Sizes

PASSPORT terminal, thin and true type bit-map raster fonts provided
Any Windows fixed pitch raster or true type font can be selected
Font size automatically adjusts to Window size
Fixed font size can be selected with horizontal and vertical scrolling
TN3270 APL character set subset supported for line drawing characters
Screen sizes for TN3270 (24x80, 32x80, 43x80, 27x132)
Screen sizes for TN5250 (24x80, 27x132)
Screen sizes for VT (24x80, 24x132, 32x80, 32x132)
Screen sizes for SCO ANSI (25x80, 25x132)


3270 APA mainframe graphics fully supported
3270 Program Symbol Sets A through F are fully supported
Terminal Resolution and High Resolution support
Graphics input cursor
4 different graphics input cursor types
Ability to copy graphics to clipboard or print
3270 Color and Attribute key support


Ability to double-click specific text on the screen to perform a function
Hotspot customization
Assignment of any emulator function including macros to any hotspot text
Multiple hotspot schemes can be created and saved
Default hotspots provided for PF keys and other common host keys
Hotspots can be viewed as reverse video button or invisible

Keyboard Features

Interactive keyboard customization
Multiple keyboard maps can be created and saved
Assignment of any emulator function including macros to any key
Keyboard entry assist with word wrap, margins and tab settings
Type ahead
Auto repeat for Enter key
Select areas of text using keyboard shifted arrow keys
Automatic reset of X Inhibit condition using arrow keys
Jump directly to a session using keyboard keys
Ability to view list of all host keys with current key mapping

Button Bar

Pop-up button bar accesses common host keys and macros with a single mouse click
Interactive button bar customization
Multiple button bars can be created and saved
Assignment of any emulator function including macros to any button bar button
Button bar can be interactively docked, resized and positioned
Button bar size can range from 1x1 up to 14x8 rows and columns of buttons


Mouse button customization
Left, right, single and double click mouse actions can be configured
Any host key, macro or special mouse function can be assigned
Pop-up floating menu to access common menu commands


Interactive toolbar customization
Multiple toolbar schemes can be created and saved
Assignment of any emulator function including macros to any toolbar icon
Small or large toolbar icons, with or without text, with or without tool tips
Custom bit-map icons can be imported and used on toolbar
Toolbar can be interactively docked, resized and positioned

VT and SCO ANSI Features

Scroll back buffer
Extended text color support
Double height and double width characters
Scrolling speed is configurable
Answer back message is configurable


Configurable Window title
Custom .WAV file can be used for bell sound
Numeric field checking

Mapping of Emulator Functions

The following emulator functions can be mapped to any key, button bar button, toolbar icon or hotspot
Send a host key, including international dead key support
Send text character or string of text characters to host
Execute a macro
Execute any menu command
Run any application including Word, Excel, etc.
Apply keyboard, hotspots, button bar, colors, toolbar setting
Tile, cascade or minimize all session

Keyboard Support

Keyboard Types

IBM Enhanced 101/102 keyboard
Key Tronic 122 key keyboard
Tablet PC writing stylus pen compatibility

Keyboard Maps

PASSPORT keyboard map
IBM Personal Communications/3270 keyboard map
Attachmate EXTRA! keyboard map
NetManage RUMBA keyboard map
VT LK-201 keyboard map
Custom keyboard map

IND$FILE File Transfer

Presentation Space and Structured Field transfer methods
Text, binary, and custom file transfer types
Information from last 4 file transfers saved

Macro Scripting Language

Visual Basic Script language compatibility for macros
Macro run, record, and edit to automate routine functions (Visual Basic Script interface)
Macro scripting language uses Visual Basic Scripting syntax
Recorded macros can be used as Visual Basic programs with minor modification
Start-up macro can be configured to automatically run upon connection to host
Macros can be used to start other Windows applications
Macros can be assigned to a key on the keyboard, button bar, toolbar or mouse button
Attachmate EXTRA! Macros can be converted to work with PASSPORT

Printer Session Features

Host printing through TN3270E or TN5250E client
TN3270E generic, specific and associated printer support
TN5250E generic and specific LU Names
LU Name, printer status and SSL indicators
Use of right mouse button to select printer, edit properties, etc.
Font selection of local PC fonts
Transparent printing
Printer setup strings
End of print job detection using time-out

Diagnostic Features

Data stream trace facility
Low level trace facility
HLLAPI trace facility

Application Programming Interfaces

16-bit and 32-bit WinHLLAPI DLL interface
Compliant with Windows HLLAPI version 1.1
HLLAPI short name can be automatically selected or manually specified
HLLAPI Trace facility
Attachmate EXTRA! Object API compatibility
Macro API
Automation API to create ActiveX Document
HLLAPI interface available for third party applications (16-bit and 32-bit)
HLLAPI, Macro and Object APIs available for new host integration
Object Oriented API compatible with Attachmate EXTRA!® Objects API

FTP Client

Full compliance with IETF RFC 959 file transfer protocol specifications
Asynchronous interface to Windows sockets TCP/IP driver results in fastest file transfer data rate possible with minimum amount of system resources
Multiple host profiles can be created and selected easily as needed
Information from last 4 file transfers saved
Send and receive file transfer can be initiated in multiple ways, including drag and drop and cut/copy/paste commands
Look and feel of Windows Explorer with menu bar, toolbar, status bar, three window panes (PC directory structure and file list, host directory structure and file list, connection log and error messages) that can be interactively resized and displayed as icons, details or list
Files and icons can be sorted by size, date, type, permission, owner and group and can be automatically arranged

International Support

International host code pages
European currency symbol support
Multi-national keyboard support
International Dead Key

Supported TN3270, TN5250 and Telnet Servers

IBM Communications Server
Connectivity Systems TCP/IP for IBM VSE
Barnard Systems TCP/IP for IBM VSE
Cisco TN3270 Server for CIP
Microsoft SNA Server and Host Integration Server
Visara Controller including non-SNA command chaining
IETF RFC 1576 and 2355 Compliant TN3270 Servers
IETF RFC 1205 Compliant TN5250 Servers
IBM OS/400 TN5250 Communication Server
Telnet servers compliant with DEC VT protocol over TCP/IP
Telnet servers compliant with SCO ANSI protocol over TCP/IP